17 marzo 2012


Shaka Maidoh
Who are you:
A nomad from no man’s land with a schizophrenic creative mind :)
My passion would be a mix of music and substantial style, so music would serve as a soundtrack that influences or drives my style.

What 3 things bring you peace?
Being active (doing stuff from travelling to just riding a bicycle around my neighbourhood, reading, discovering, etc) Gratitude (Grateful for what i have, friends, family, shelter, food etc) Lone time (Setting aside time for myself once a week, or a month depending on when i need it)
What is a bad day?
An unproductive day
What advice would you have for someone who’s cultivating their own style?
Nothing is really new under the sun, its about moving things forward or adding on, research and find out how it was or used to be done in the past and add on your own take, or twist to it to.
3 Pet Peeves (things you dislike)
Eggs, people sagging excessively below their bottoms with dirty underwear, slow or computers that freeze up all the time.

Favorite place/location:
London / The Grove in West London
What part of the day do you find yourself to be the most creative? (twilight, morning, afternoon, evening, late night)
Late night vampire
What do you have a favorite of?
This changes with time and mood, but I will say skinny ties as Mods is one of my strong influences.
What is a daily must (beyond bathing, brushing your teeth, etc )?
A Kodak moment of something, anything
What is a special indulgence for you?
Daily or nightly bike ride around my neighbourhood
Best advice you’ve received:
The Universe is infinite so the sky can never be the limit.

3 Songs you’d consider would make the up the soundtrack of your life or your daily state of mind:
Nina Simone - “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”
Saul Williams - “Fearless”
Fela Kuti - “Gentleman”
Is there any one person in particular close to you that inspired you?
Sam Lambert
Is your style only represented in how you dress?
No, it is also represented in other ways that I articulate myself from expressing myself vocally, to even how I sit etc.

3 favorite movies:
The Prestige
The Exorcist
The Talented Mr. Ripley

3 books you’d recommend:
The Alchemist, From Babylon To Timbuktu, War and Peace.
5 things every person should do before dying:
Travel / Go places
Learn to speak a foreign language if possible and use it. Create something (a website, painting, shirt, music, food recipe etc)
Mentor someone, Learn to play a musical instrument

What separates a leader from a follower?
The differences between a leader and a follower is down to the process of learning and time required to gain experience in assigned responsibilities. Even the president is a follower to the will of the people of a specific country and a follower has the potential also to become a leader once they demonstrate mastery of self-discipline, motivation, responsibility, and other important traits need to be a leader.

Next lifetime, I’d like to come back…
As a doctor or Voodoo Priest, want the knowledge to help and cure sick people, physically and mentally

During trying times, what brings you peace of mind?
Family and friends
Music Meditation Chocolate
A Bike Ride
Last thing that made you smile?
My god-children, nephews and nieces.. .. (I am blessed to have so many of them)
You can find my work / sample of my product here:

My life is… (finish the sentence)
A gift and a blessing.. I know death is more universal that life, as everyone dies but not everyone lives.

(Source: guerreisms.com)