27 febbraio 2012


Sam Lambert by Guerre

Sam Lambert

Who are you:
Starving artist/fashion designer

Pushing the art forward
What is style?
Style its a extension of one self,true style its self expression of your day to day mood.I call my style sophistikpunk a mix of sophistication and punk do it yourself attitude to get what you want.

Sam Lambert by Guerre
Is there any one person in particular close to you that inspired you?
My Dad ‘cause thanks to him I wear all this tailored clothing,since he was a tailor.
Is your style only represented in how you dress?
Not really, it’s represented in my lifestyle - my dressing style, the way I eat, the music I listen to, who I’m close to, the places I’ve lived and live, the background where I’m from, cities I live in, my profession… the list it goes on.
3 favorite movies:
La Vita e Bella (Italian movie), Rockers (Jamaican movie) and The man in the gray flannel suit.
3 books you’d recommend:
The Alchemist, Jimi Hendrix autobiography ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS, and Twelve bar blues.

Sam Lambert by Guerre

5 things every person should do before dying:
Fast for a day, tell your loved ones your pin for your credit cards :), do voluntary work, sky dive, play lottery at least once.

What separates a leader from a follower?
Leaders make decisions, find solutions, don’t act on the feeling follow your intuition, be a good listener, respect everyone the same way. Inspire and be inspired and be brave.
Followers wait and follow. Coward.

Next lifetime, I’d like to come back…
As superhero,black Jesus..
During trying times, what brings you peace of mind?
The core of a man’s spirit comes from his experience.
The thought of this brings me peace.

Sam Lambert by Guerre

What details are a must for you?
Well tie clip its a must to keep your style tied, handkerchief is must not just because of detailing but also for use of it,comes very handy.
2 Rules you live by:
I don’t live by any rules, I feel that I am here to break them. I do however live by this quote when it comes to style.“I must KEEP MY suit WELL PRESSED, for I’m a very RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN.” It comes from one of my favorite movies: THE MAN IN GRAY FLANNEL SUIT.
Why does your style work for you/ why did you choose it?
My style works for me ‘cause I consider my physique, being slim built it gives me a freedom to play with proportions. I love the fact that I can customize something vintage from like say the 1960’s modernize it by bringing something new into it but keeping the 60’s core values at the same time looking modern. The reason I choose it, its easy to develop to next stage,whenever I find a piece automatically it inspires the next look the rest comes easily .
Where do you draw inspiration from:
On every living species and objects.

How would describe your style?
The tidiness of a poet from the 1920’s meets the wildness and elegance of jazz player from the 1960’s on the nomad boy character.

Sam Lambert by Guerre

Who do you consider to be a style icon?
Miles Davis, Duke of Windsor and Patrice Lumumba.

What 3 things bring you peace?
A good jazz tune, a bike ride, and my nieces/nephews.

What is a bad day?
When I can’t meet the deadline.

What advice would you have for someone who’s cultivating their own style?
Be inspired but never to copy, learn to know your body find a fit which works with your frame and nourish it every season ‘til you reach perfection..
Three things you need to know - fabrication,proportion and color coordination its everything when it comes on style.

3 Pet Peeves (things you dislike)
Copycats, Moopies (male groupies) and People who take my hat off my head to try it on.

Favorite place/location:
Dover Street market in London/U.K.

What part of the day do you find yourself to be the most creative?

(twilight, morning, afternoon, evening, late night)
Late night.

What do you have a favorite of?
Travels and White shirts.

What is a daily must (beyond bathing, brushing your teeth, etc )?
My tea Break.
We have a say which goes like this:Drink tea wear bow tie and appreciate art.

What is a special indulgence for you?
Good & pure Ghanaian chocolate & Palm wine.
Best advice you’ve received:
Take one day at the time. Good things comes to those who wait.

3 Songs you’d consider would make the up the soundtrack of your life or your daily state of mind:
’One rainy wish’ By JIMI HENDRIX. ‘Misunderstood’ by Nina Simone. ‘So What’ by Miles Davis
Last thing that made you smile?
My God daughter and God son and My lovely nieces.

You can find my work / sample of my product here:
Exciting as a black gipsy.

(Source: Guerreisms.com)