19 aprile 2010


This young girl recently started modeling for the Danish model agency Scoop models. After seeing her photo-shoots and her attitude on the catwalk at Copenhagen Fashion Week AW09 I have a gut-feeling that she is going to get far in the modeling world. Take a look at her photos and at her interview and judge for yourself.

Questa giovane fanciulla ha recentemente fatto la sua comparsa nel mondo della moda internazionale dopo essere stata scoperta dalla nota agenzia danese Scoop models. Visto alcuni sui ottimi shoots e la sua classe sulle passerelle nella stagione AW09 di Copenhagen. Ho un buon presentimento a suo riguardo: credo che, fra non molto, diventerà un modella famosa in tutto il globo. Per chi non credesse a queste mie illazioni, guardi alcune fra le sue fotografie e l'intervista qui sotto, per poi giudicicare autonomamente.

What’s the best thing about being a model?

What I love the most about my job is to create and tell through photos and expressions. I love to be able to create something interesting and beautiful — when the photos aren’t just about trends, but also have a certain story. Furthermore it’s also really funny and challenging to meet different new people, it’s influencing who you are as a person, because you learn to be outgoing and talkatively extremely fast.

Who’s your favorite Danish designer?

My favorite Danish designers have to be Noir and Stine Goya. Two very different styles, but I think each of them has something very unique and amazing about them!

Which shows will you be going in the upcoming CFW?

Well, I actually don’t know yet. But lets hope I will get a couple. I’m crossing my fingers.